Robot Technology

Robot Technology

Automation is a primary focus today. It will keep our factories, workers, and communities safer, healthier, and more efficient. Our robot integration brings a higher level of value-added processes. From material handling, spot and MIG welding, checking parts, and even part fabrication, our team has the insight, creativity, and knowledge to conceptualize, engineer, design, and integrate our robotic systems to optimize production targets.

Weld Technology

Our resistance and MIG weld technologies are uniquely and deftly capable to bring vision and goals into fruition (fulfillment/culmination/completion/results). Assemblies with spacers, studs, nuts, or cage nuts in any configuration or combination that matches customer driven design, production, and quality outcomes. Your goals are our touchstone.

Advanced Manufacturing

We initiate lean manufacturing by providing the tooling that delivers it. The Pentier Group looks for opportunities to increase uptime for batch production and lean manufacturing through both efficiency and adaptability. Using enhanced, automated, and smart mechanisms our products are proficient in producing multiple assembly runs on shared production equipment.

Quality Control

At the Pentier Group Quality Control is a concept, not an afterthought. Our team is focused on product outcomes using GD & T, product design, and process development. We have the capability to monitor production throughout the build process using real time production alerts for real process control. Hence, we incorporate quality into every assembly. Moreover, we can check finished products according to the exacting standards of our customers.

  • FaroArm CMM Inspection Arm – Dimensional Tool Certification
  • Cut & Etch Technology – the gold standard in MIG weld in integrity
  • Weld Monitoring Equipment – Electronic feedback loop to monitor energy used for weld fusion Real time weld integrity monitoring
  • Tear down machines – Push out and Tear out methodologies

Customer Service

We outfit our customers to deliver World Class quality assemblies.

Customer service is our hallmark. The Pentier Group delivers customer service from concept to production. It is a part of our business model. 

Services & Equipment

Custom Robotic Spot Weld

Standard Cell Includes:   Integration of Robot and all necessary Weld Equipment Welding Power Supply, Wire feed and Torch Head Welded Tube Frame Fixture Table Machined

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